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Creative Winter Physical Education Activities (above)
Courtesy of Ms. Moriarty
Gallery of Winter Physical Education Activities Pictures: Here

Gallery of Hunk and Sweetheart Pictures: Here
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Mid-Winter FAFSA Night for Seniors
Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 6:00 PM at SE Middle/High School



American Red Cross
Swim Lessons
Sibley East Pool

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2nd Grade Valentine's Party


Gallery of Pics
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Summer Care with Junior Wolverines

It is time to start thinking summer!  Do you know where you child will go for care during the summer months?

Junior Wolverines, Sibley East's School Age Care program, will be open daily during the summer from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..   Our program is open to all students in grades K-5!  

We are planning many fun activities with Community Ed, including trips, summer rec, and possibly even swimming lessons.  

If you would like more information, or wish to register, please contact Apryl Deno at 507-237-3351 or email .  The registration deadline for summer care will be May 4th, but register early to guarantee a spot!


Mrs. Marten's


Sibley East Elementary students have had a variety of different activities these past few weeks.  The student council, under the supervision of Megan Koepp and Juliann Shaw, has been working diligently with the student body to recognize Random Acts of Kindness.  When someone witnessed someone doing a kind act, they filled out a kindness slip for that person.  If you were the one receiving the kindness slip, they placed it into a kindness bag in their classroom.  Each day a student council member collected the slips and the one winner drawn out of the bag received a Sibley East pencil. 

The physical education department, Chad Johnson and Brian Biermann, started their swimming and bowling units on January 29th.  Swimming is held at the Sibley East Pool in Arlington school and the bowling is held at El Toro Bowl in Gaylord.  Each class will bowl two times in eight days and swim six days. Sibley East School does provide swim vests and other floatation devices if needed. 

Birthday Club celebrations have been going super well and students have counted ahead to the day their birthday month is celebrated.  Mary Beth Schwirtz, the Dean of Students, plans a “special birthday meal” on the last school day of month recognizing each student who had a birthday during that month.  Students sit at a special table that is festively decorated for the occasion.  A slide show presentation acknowledging each student is featured on the large screen in the commons area where the entire student body eats and sings “Happy Birthday”.  What students seem to enjoy most?  The dish of ice cream with sprinkles that is offered to them for dessert brings the biggest smiles.

A big thank you goes out to the Gaylord Police Department and the Sibley County Sheriff for their participation in a reading activity that the third grade teachers, Steph Schultz, Melissa Podratz, Kara More, and Melissa Jennings, planned for their students.  In connection to a non fiction story the students read in reading class called “Aero and Officer Mike -Police Partners”, Officer Tony Padilla and his dog Caesar and Sheriff Andrew Hayden and his dog Turner were brought into the school where they demonstrated how dogs stiff out narcotics and find missing people.  They also Face Timed Ms. Jennings cousin, Rebekah, from North Caroline.  Rebekah spoke to the students about how she actually trains K-9 dogs.    She explained the process they use when selecting dogs as well as where the dogs come from.

If you have something interesting you would like to share with our students that would enhance our curriculum, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  You can contact the school at 507-237-3314. 




Mr. Harter's
Principal Update

College in the Schools
at Sibley East

The process of scheduling classes for the next school year (2018-2019) has already begun.  The first step
will be to develop a matrix or course schedule.  There is a lot of thought that goes into this aspect of the scheduling process; specifically, where to place the College Now (CN) classes so that the maximum number of students can enroll in the classes that they want.  Sibley East has been associated with Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) for several years in the College Now program.  We have a very active CN program which has allowed many of our graduates to leave school with many college credits!

What exactly is College Now?  College Now is SMSU's concurrent enrollment program. Concurrent enrollment (also called "dual credit" or "dual enrollment") allows qualified high school students to earn college credit in their high school, during their regular school day. College Now classes are taught by qualified high school teachers and supervised by SMSU faculty members. 

College Now classes are actual SMSU courses where students earn actual SMSU credit. There is no cost to the student for these courses, providing an outstanding opportunity for students to earn college credit and jumpstart their college careers without incurring additional debt.

There are several beneficial aspects for our students and for Sibley East by being involved in the association with SMSU’s College Now program.  

College Now:

  • allows students to earn college and high school credit simultaneously

  • is a great transition and introduction to university study

  • allows for more flexible scheduling upon enrollment at the university

  • allows earlier completion of general education requirements

  • is a demonstration of a commitment to university admissions officials

  • may lead to early completion of a degree program

  • concludes with a college grade on a college transcript, which is unlike Advanced Placement (AP) programs.  AP courses are high school courses that teach to a "one shot" test and may not even count toward general education requirements 

If you want a complete list of the College Now courses that are offered at Sibley East please contact me and I will provide the information (964-8223).