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Collage created by 7th Grade Art Students

7th Grade Art Students (Quarters 2-4) Create Collage


The Sibley County Soil and Water Conservation District and Sibley East Elementary
Cooperate on an Environmental Project

Sibley County  Soil and Water Conservation worked with Sibley East students to plant over 100 lilac bushes and helped 3rd graders develop a pollinator garden on the south end of the elementary campus in Gaylord.   The organization provided free lilac bushes and free native grass plugs. 


Movie of the Project


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Cub Care Goes Buggy!
Ladybug Hats and Observations







Mr. Harter's
Principal Update

Another Successful Prom

A couple of weeks ago we were able to have the first ever prom in the new Sibley East Middle School /High School building.  Everything went well, the grand march, the dinner, the dance and finally the post prom activities, which were held at the new elementary school in Gaylord.  It really was interesting to see how new building helped make the entire night’s festivities a success!   In addition to the new surroundings, the decorations were outstanding, and I think the students enjoyed themselves; they really seemed to appreciate the “classy” environment that was created.

But the real reason for the success of the prom was more than just a new building and outstanding decorations.  The real reason was that we had about one hundred seventy very mature and responsible students attend the dance and related activities.  The students were really wonderful; they had a lot of fun, but yet at the same time exhibited the type of behavior that we have grown accustomed to when seeing Sibley East students during the after school hours.  Thanks to the SE prom attendees for a great night!





Mrs. Marten's

Principal Update


Kindergarten Round Up

We held kindergarten Round Up on Thursday, April 5 at 5:45 at our new Sibley East Elementary facility. To date, we have 55 students that registered for kindergarten next year. Fifty-one registered the evening of kindergarten round up, and we have added four to that roster since. We have 16 students that presently attend our pre school but still have not registered, but will likely do so before pre-school ends in May. Thank you to the kindergarten teachers, the specialists, and all the other staff who contributed to a successful evening. In addition to staff, a special thank you goes out to the Youth Development and Student Council students that assisted with this evening. 



We had eighty students in grades K-2 participate in our evening STEM Night activity held on April 12. Parents were invited to come back to school from 5:30-6:30 to do a variety of STEM activities. We have had approximately 42 % of our student body participating in our STEM evening activities. 


MDE Site Visit-April 13

Our district went through a full compliance review of the special education program. This process included:

  • Interview responses from principals, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals, related service personnel and general education teachers
  • Previous monitoring and self-review reports
  • Formal compliant history
  • Record Review training and self-review of Part B (students ages 3 through 21) and Part C (birth to age 3) records

The Onsite review included a tour of the special education locations within the building, as well as areas used by all the students, i.e. commons area, gymnasium, locker rooms, playground, library, etc. Students needed to be present during the tour. They were looking for the following

  • Is the building and other areas utilized by students accessible to students with physical disabilities?
  • Are the spaces, equipment and supplies utilized for special education services equitable to spaces, equipment and supplies for general education instruction?
  • Do the spaces, equipment and supplies utilized for special education services conducive to learning?
  • Do the spaces, equipment and supplies utilized for special education services meet the student’s special physical, sensory, and emotional needs?

Severe Weather Awareness

Sibley East Elementary students participated in the state-wide Tornado awareness drill on Thursday, April 12, at 1;45. Shelter locations were identified and safety routes were practiced. It was determined that the siren system that the Gaylord Community is using was not working properly. The siren located near EJ’s restaurant would spin but did not give off a sound, consequently, we could not hear the warning. I notified the city of Gaylord. They noted my observation and were going to contact the county, which is responsible to fix the problem.


Early Out-March 29

Dr. Kristie Schaefer, a licensed clinical psychologist from Eunoia Family Resource Center in Gaylord, presented to the elementary staff on Thursday, March 29thon Suicide Prevention Best Practices. She talked about the scope of the problem and what it means for educators, as well as identifying common mental health diagnoses, warning signs, and risk factors. She shared a number of different resources as well as some fact sheets.

Lock Down Drill

We had a lock down drill on March 29thand included the police departments of Arlington and Gaylord, along with Tim Harbo our Health Safety Director, and staff. We discovered several key issues that will need to be addressed, but all of the doors worked properly.



Reading Corps

Sibley East was awarded 2 full time Reading Corps members


  • 1 Full Time – 7 hours per day-Elementary Literacy Tutor
  • 1 Full time –7 hours per day-Kindergarten-Focused Literacy Tutor


Their decision was influenced by our demonstrated commitment to helping students reach their full potential.